How to use Stop Here

Step 1

Download the Stop Here app to your smart phone device via the iTunes Store, Google Play Store or Windows Store.

Turn on your smart device’s ‘Voice Over’ function to convert text push alerts to voice.

Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


Step 2

Navigate to the 'Settings' page to choose the following options:

– Alerts On
– Alert when Approaching
– Alert when Arrived
– Alert entering City Loop
– Number of stations prior to destination to alert
– Alert all stops


Step 3

Navigate to the 'Where am I now' function to decipher your current location using geolocation.


Step 4

Choose your train line and your destination stop and click 'Start'. The Stop Here app will notify you when you are approaching your destination.

Use the love heart in the top right of your app to add destinations to your favourite list.